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Buying or Selling a Business? You Need a Valuation

With a business valuation, you can move forward with important transactions and enter into negotiations with ensured reliability, reduced financial risk, and unparalleled confidence. Through our strategic alliance with our affiliate partner with over 20 years’ experience, we’ll help position your business for the most favorable outcome in the following areas:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Sales and Divestitures

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Share Redemptions

  • Business Planning

  • Retirement/Succession Planning

Which Valuation Report is Right for You?

informational valuation.png

Business valuation reports can be prepared for many different purposes. That's why we offer two types of business valuation reports: Broker Opinion of Value and Informational Valuations. Below is a summary of what these two reports entail, how they differ, and when you might benefit most from each.

Broker Opinion of Value: (FREE)

This complimentary initial assessment offers a basic evaluation of your business's value, utilizing the information you supply regarding its financial performance. It assists you in gauging whether your figures align with expectations.

Essentials Informational Valuation Report:

20+ pages; includes valuation summary based on market and asset approaches. Market approach includes sales and SDE multiples. Available for businesses with less than $2M in revenue.

  • Price: $990

  • Turnaround: 5 Business Days

Standard Informational Valuation Report: 

35+ pages; includes everything in the Essentials Report plus EBITDA multiples (if applicable), capitalization of cash flow method, multi-stage growth method, financials and industry benchmarking ratios. Also includes assurance services such as SIC/NAICS code validation, owner’s compensation analysis, state tax verification and financials confidence check. Available for businesses with less than $2M in revenue.

  • Price: $2,900

  • Turnaround: 5 Business Days

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